Devoted to manufacturing the best fuses, Conquer Electronics spare no effort to upgrade its product quality and efficiency at the most reasonable costs. Thanks to its technological innovation, workforce expansion, outstanding quality and customer satisfaction, Conquer Electronics continues to develop the most competitive products for the global market using sophisticated technologies and latest inspection methods. Conquer Electronics’ fuses integrate electronic appliances into user’s interface and thereby allows people to appreciate, contact the beautiful world and enjoy their lives.

Conquer Electronics is not just a product and service provider. Fulfilling its social responsibilities compliant with environment assurance standards, Conquer Electronics strives to upgrade the labors’ benefits and their life quality, and will continue to carry out its social responsibilities, environment and safety administration under its managerial concepts. Conquer Electronics is confident to execute its social responsibilities and environment policies efficiently.

Environment protection: Conquer Electronics treats environment protection as a guideline. All staffs are obligated to abide by the requirements regarding environment protection in their day-to-day duties and thereby preserve the environment willfully.

Least pollutions: Conquer Electronics strives to minimize pollutions and conserve energy in order to create a green Earth. For Conquer Electronics, sustainability means slightest pollutions, efficient use of energy and resources with no waste whatsoever.

Respect for lives: Conquer Electronics believes the Earth belongs to all creatures. All lives residing in the global village have to be respected and conserved. Thus, the green Earth will continue to exist for the benefits of the generations to come.

1. Ongoing improvement for the benefits of staffs.
2. Designing green products, minimizing the use of environment-related substance.
3. Reviewing pollution prevention measures, minimizing wastes, conserving energy, safety, health, improvement and improvement again.
4. Fulfilling social responsibilities, complying with environment and vocational safety and hygienic administration standards, adhering to the labor, environment protection, safety and hygiene ordinances spelled by government and customers.
5. Communicating with vendors for their compliance with all applicable standards.

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