Company Profile
Established:September of 1977
Staff:300 people +
Capital:US$ 24,000,000.00

Area:19,830 square meter of both Peitou and Wugu factories. Conquer has established the electronics corporation from making an investment in Taipei in year 1977. Concurrently founder Mr.Chiu makes policy to scientific and techological industry prospect that development pulse resolutely intelligently via President, and Conquer is needed under the diligent cultivation of all colleagues of electronics corporation, make company's scale strengthen rapidly, have the masses of customers group in Mainland China, the Asian-Pacific area, America and Europe and other places. Besides offering customers with RoHS compliance products and specification, we also cooperate with strategic customers to make prompt research and development design, project test, fast mechanism that sample make of in order to meet customer request at the same time. investment tactics of science and technology that Conquer has the operation performance of the electronics corporation and plants root Taiwan, deeps plough, also accord with the governmental policies.

Scientific and technical innovation is the motive power that enterprises develop continuously and permanently Conquer is turning from ' Conquer that make must ' toward ' Conquer of science and technoligy must '. Besides original Radial Lead Micro Fuse explosion- proof, Conquer will also set about researching and developing such products as Pico Fuse & Chin Fuse, etc. and putting into production in 2007, so as to keep the leading factor of the industry field of the fuse and market position.

The research and develop in science and technology, production design and market promotion of Conquer will be entering a brand-new enlargement period. Regard leading fuse brand of the world as the goal, found a continuing enterprises for a great achievements of stability, long-term development, and high technology.

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