Dreamer's wish

With time passing by, Conquer is now celebrating its 30th anniversary. Remembering the beginning of starting the company, I was like an ideal dreamer with visions and ideals. Holding up the determination and willpower, I decided to invest in the fuse industry with no hesitations. Facing the challenges and difficulties on the road of management, I could only move forward one step by one carefully. Although there is no way back, the road ahead is filled with thistles and thorns and I am extremely exhausted mentally and physically, everything is just for carrying out a dream.

Turning ideal into the fact

Caterpillars must struggle strenuously to break out the pupas, and become the beautiful butterflies Charcoals must endure huge pressures from the Nature to turn out the hardest and precious diamonds. Carrying always the managing principles with" Modesty and Forgiveness" "one's mind leads to one's result" and "Sincerity" to bring every Conquer family member to the embracement like bathing in the breeze in spring and enjoyment under the morning sunshine. Up to the present, the foundation of Conquer is well established because of the same will of the entire staff and efforts paid wholeheartedly.

"Unlimited progress" is created from "Limited rationality"

Because of innovation, Conquer has become world-class leading manufacturer in fuse industry.
Because of pursuing the perfection, Conquer products have won international significant factory's authentication repeatedly. Looking forward to the future, Conquer must insist on the way of innovation in order to reach to the leading brand in fuse industry.
Continuously, we will root downwards and grow upwards. Not only to create a new world at home, but also to expand the new stage overseas progressively and actively.
Taking a view in the future, we are working constantly to move proudly toward the goal of "Diversification, Internationalization, and marching toward a new century". No matter now or future, we will always be proud of being a Conquer family member.

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