With the rapid technological advancement and globalization, enterprises are utilizing natural resources more and faster than ever and have thus caused ecological issues across the world. The international community is therefore demanding the enterprises to fulfill their responsibilities for the environment and the society.

In the past years, enterprises maximized profits for shareholders and reimbursed their earnings to the society through tax-filing. Faced with the deteriorating environment issues, however, the general public is expecting enterprises to improve benefits for the society instead of upgrading benefits for themselves and their shareholders only. As such, enterprises are obligated to serve the interest of Economy, Environment and Society in order to enhance economic growth and protect environment at the same time through responsible business activities.

Conquer Electronics understands the importance of its commitments to the society. Guided by its goals, Conquer Electronics fulfills its responsibilities step by step. In this connection, Conquer Electronics discloses all information pertinent to the interest of general public, such as its business activities, corporation structures, operation status and its management. In addition, Conquer Electronics shares its non-business information with the general public, such as social, environment activities and interest-related parties’ data. Conquer Electronics spares no effort to materialize its commitments. Most importantly, Conquer Electronics has established a solid relationship with its vendors over the past years in order to upgrade its technological capabilities and competitive edge.

As far as the non-business information disclosures is concerned, Conquer Electronics has established various channels for communications in 2006, including industrial relationship e-mail address f4@conquer.com.tw, gender equality & sexual harassment prevention mechanism and reintegrating business web site. Through these channels, Conquer electronics discloses all information and measures pertinent to environment protection with emphasis on its compliance with international environment standards, green supply chain management, green design and workplace environment protection. In short, Conquer Electronics keeps up with the trend of environment protection and meets the social groups’ expectations by maintaining close contact with general public.

Conquer Electronics believes in “Creating a positive and constructive workplace setting, Developing a creative team, Making best use of potentials, Minimizing pollutions, Maintaining business energy endlessly and thereby Contributing the most to the society.” Conquer Electronics serves its customers and shareholders as an ethical, responsible and innovative enterprise. Most importantly, Conquer Electronics believes in “Returning kindness to the society and sharing with the general public.” Conquer Electronics, a responsible enterprise, strives to serve the society as a sustainable fuse manufacturers.

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