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Our Company

Since 1977, Conquer has continuously pushed ourselves forward to become the leading fuse designer and manufacturer in the Asia-Pacific region. With a highly specialized understanding of circuit protection and a deep understanding of the industry we are developing products exactly suited to fluctuating market demands. Due to our advanced automated production capabilities, Conquer innovation encompasses the entire spectrum of the industry—custom-designing fuses, equipment and machinery for our clients.

Our Beliefs

For over forty years, a commonly-shared belief in the value of safety has energized each and every Conquer employee, and continues to drive our business forward. At Conquer, we believe that safety goes hand-in-hand with human progress, and that technological breakthroughs are only as good as their safety components. As the electronics industry develops smaller and more powerful electronics, Conquer is developing smaller and more powerful fuses—ensuring these products can safely enter the marketplace, and indirectly protecting consumers from overcurrent accidents, including fires and explosions.

Our commitment to safety expands beyond the current generation—in order to perpetuate safety for generations to come, we are continuously exploring new methods to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption.

Our MissionCommitted to human safety on power usage
Our VisionBecome leading brand in fuse industry
Business PhilosophyIntegrity, Innovation, Cherish Resources

Safety is the silent catalyst to innovation. Lightbulbs—an incredible innovation that has since become commonplace—could not have been possible without fuses quietly protecting the delicate bulbs from overcurrent events. Fast-forward to now, and the electronics industry is rapidly expanding, continuously coming out with smaller, lighter, and thinner products—Conquer is the ‘silent champion' behind these innovations, meticulously developing new fuses that ensure these products can be safely delivered into consumers' hands.

  • Ryan Chiu

  • Vice President

Our History

From the moment Conquer’s founder began single-handedly developing fuses to fill a demand for high-quality, Taiwanese-manufactured fuses, Conquer has continued to challenge itself to reach even higher quality standards, further increase manufacturing output, and accelerate speed of protection. We have gone above and beyond in order to become the leading fuse expert in the Asia-Pacific, with our eyes set on leading the world. By continuously pushing ourselves, we have enabled our clients to achieve their business goals—and driven growth across the industry.

  • Conquer established in Taipei, Taiwan

  • 1977

  • Acquired Beitou factory to expand production capability

  • 1989

  • Established a standard laboratory

  • 1992

  • Completed fully-automated SMD production facilities

  • 2002

  • Mass produced micro fuse and became the world’s first to received the RoHS compliance

  • 2003

  • Held opening ceremony of ISO-certified Wugu factory for its official operation

  • 2005

  • Mass produced and launched thin film chip

  • 2009

  • Ranked the Top 5000 Large Corporation by China Credit Information Service Limited

  • 2011

  • Honored with bronze for the TTQS training quality assessment system

  • 2011

  • Won 2014 Taiwan Excellent Award for LTCC chip fuse

  • 2014

  • Nominated in the 3rd Taiwan Mittelstand Award

  • 2015

  • Won 2015 Taiwan Excellent Award for subminiature time lag radial lead fuse (MMT/Type MCT)

  • 2015

  • Won the 4th Taiwan Mittelstand Award

  • 2017

  • Won the 5th Taiwan Mittelstand Award

  • 2019

  • Won 2022 Taiwan Excellent Award for Power Fuse - Electric Vehicle Auxiliary Fuses (Type EVS)

  • 2021

  • Won 2022 Taiwan Excellent Award for Power Fuse - Photovoltaic Fuses (Type KSF/KSF-R)

  • 2021

  • Won 2022 Taiwan Excellent Award for Power Fuse - North American Bolted Style Semiconductor Fuse (Type K8F/K5F)

  • 2021

  • Established in 1977!! Happy Birthday to Conquer!!! 45th Anniversary on 19th Sep., 2022!!!

  • 2022

  • Taiwan Outstanding SME 2022-2023 award

  • 2022

  • Won the 27th National Quality Award

  • 2024