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  • 27th National Quality Award

    To commend companies or organizations that promote overall business quality and achieve outstanding performance.

  • Taiwan Excellence Award 2014

    Awarded to Conquer’s LTCC Chip fuse for its innovative internal cavity structure that increases current tolerance, improves breaking time precision, and accelerates electric-arc extinguishment time.

  • Taiwan Excellence Award 2015

    Awarded to Conquer’s MMT fuse for its highly innovative internal structure design and use of high frequency welding technology.

  • BSI Environmental Governance Award

    Awarded to companies that execute exceptional environmental management systems.

  • Certificate of Nomination, Taiwan Mittelstand Award

    Awarded to Taiwanese companies that exhibit excellent operations, technology and/or employee development.

  • Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction Award

    Awarded to companies that exhibit excellent reductions in energy consumption and carbon emissions.

  • Taiwan Excellence Award 2022

    The K8F / K5F bolt semiconductor tubular fuse, made of homogeneous ceramic materials that have great physical structural properties and use advanced resistance welding technology, compliant with UL 248-13 standard regulations.

  • Taiwan Excellence Award 2022

    The KSF / KSF-R photovoltaic energy system fuses, with multi-stage current limiting design, can quickly clear fault currents, and comply with the IEC60269-6 standards.

  • Taiwan Excellence Award 2022

    EVS electric vehicle circuit fuse, innovative design and use of high-frequency welding process to improve the stability and welding efficiency during welding, compliant with ISO8820 road vehicle fuse standards.


Conquer’s fuses have been recognized by the following international standards.

Factory Certifications

  • ISO 50001

    Awarded to companies that successfully develop and maintain energy management systems, in order to reduce energy use and conserve resources.

  • ISO-14001

    Awarded to companies that operate environmental management systems that create value for the environment, as well as for the company itself and other relevant parties.

  • OHSAS 18001

    Awarded to companies that operate under excellent workplace health and safety management systems, and provide excellent working conditions for employees.

  • ISO 14064-1

    Awarded to companies that meet requirements for designing, developing, managing, reporting, and verifying their greenhouse gas inventory.

  • ISO-9001

    Awarded to companies that exhibit excellent quality management, judged based on factors including customer-oriented service, upper management internal practices, the manufacturing process, and a high degree of improvement.

  • IATF 16949

    One of the most widely used international standards in the automotive industry, it is awarded to companies that operate high quality management systems.