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  • Taiwan Excellence Award 2014

    Awarded to Conquer’s LTCC Chip fuse for its innovative internal cavity structure that increases current tolerance, improves breaking time precision, and accelerates electric-arc extinguishment time.

  • Taiwan Excellence Award 2015

    Awarded to Conquer’s MMT fuse for its highly innovative internal structure design and use of high frequency welding technology.

  • Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction Award

    Awarded to companies that exhibit excellent reductions in energy consumption and carbon emissions.

  • Certificate of Nomination, Taiwan Mittelstand Award

    Awarded to Taiwanese companies that exhibit excellent operations, technology and/or employee development.

  • BSI Environmental Governance Award

    Awarded to companies that execute exceptional environmental management systems.


Conquer’s fuses have been recognized by the following international standards.

Factory Certifications

  • ISO 50001

    Awarded to companies that successfully develop and maintain energy management systems, in order to reduce energy use and conserve resources.

  • ISO-14001

    Awarded to companies that operate environmental management systems that create value for the environment, as well as for the company itself and other relevant parties.

  • OHSAS 18001

    Awarded to companies that operate under excellent workplace health and safety management systems, and provide excellent working conditions for employees.

  • ISO 14064-1

    Awarded to companies that meet requirements for designing, developing, managing, reporting, and verifying their greenhouse gas inventory.

  • ISO-9001

    Awarded to companies that exhibit excellent quality management, judged based on factors including customer-oriented service, upper management internal practices, the manufacturing process, and a high degree of improvement.

  • IATF 16949

    One of the most widely used international standards in the automotive industry, it is awarded to companies that operate high quality management systems.