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Conquer Electronics, Maximizing Safety and ESG with Fuse Solution Innovations

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  • 16 Mar 2022

Conquer Electronics, Maximizing Safety and ESG with Fuse Solution Innovations

With the growing focus on climate change and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) efforts, it is imperative for the information and communications technology (ICT) industry players to prepare for the global shift towards a net-zero emissions future. The ICT sector currently makes up about 4% of global CO2 emissions, and will further increase with the continuous digital transformation. However, with strict environmental regulations and levies in place, such as the EU's carbon border tax, companies around the world must begin to make sustainability a top strategic priority.


Despite the potential rise in carbon emissions within the industry, ICT plays an essential role in promoting carbon-neutrality for other industries by enabling digital technology and connectivity.


Conquer is also aware of the sustainability trends, and looks forward to supporting more businesses, especially the telecommunications, renewable energy and EV sectors to take advantage of the upcoming ESG disruption in the technology industry.



Over 45 Years of Fuse Manufacturing Experience


As the leader in the fuse market with the most trusted circuit protection solutions since 1977, Conquer has developed outstanding products and services to meet the ever changing market demand with its advanced R&D capabilities, automated production facilities, strict quality management system, and intensive industry experience for decades. Conquer’s products are 100% made in Taiwan, ensuring the quality and efficiency. From custom fuses to specialized equipment, Conquer’s innovation encompasses a variety of energy-related products and applications, including consumer electronics, electric vehicles, telecom, power tools, lighting, and home appliances.


At Conquer, the commitment to safety is the key driver of its constant innovation and technological breakthroughs. As the demand for more compact-sized products with higher requirements on electrical load increases, the company aims to develop smaller and more powerful fuses to ensure clients achieve exceptional product performance and optimal safety.  With its devotion to electrical safety and quality, Conquer has acquired over 50 patents to date, and adds 25 new products to the portfolio every year.



Comprehensive Suite of Products and Services, Trusted By Global Brands

Conquer is one of the top three fuse manufacturers in the world and the market leader in subminiature fuses. It’s featured product series, including the Surface Mount Fuse, Subminiature Fuse, Axial Lead and Cartridge Fuse, and Power Fuse, are designed for various applications across industries. With the best-quality suite of products and solutions, Conquer has fostered strong partnerships with leading brands in power, lighting, telecom, and display categories, including Delta Electronics, Samsung, and Philips.


Headquartered in Taiwan with multiple offices and distributors overseas, Conquer service scope includes design to manufacturing and after-sale support, for clients around the world. Moreover, the company provides technical solutions with its advanced production equipment and techniques, offering flexibility and efficiency to clients to facilitate prototyping development and small-scale trial production. In addition, by providing strict contract auditing and comprehensive on-site inspection to all processes, Conquer is able to guarantee the feasibility of the orders, the quality of finished goods before shipment, and competitive services within a short delivery time.


Conquer has received many accolades for its mastery of technology, environmental responsibility, and business competencies. Some notable awards include the BSI Environmental Governance Award, Taiwan Mittelstand Award, and Taiwan Excellence Award 2022. Recently, five series of Surface Mounted Devices (SMDs) with LTCC technology were selected as winners of the Taiwan Excellence Award, meanwhile patented in 5 countries. Furthermore, Conquer has industry product safety compliance certifications including ISO9001, ISO14001 and IATF16949. “Conquer is a reliable supplier with very good product quality and service, also with high technical capability. We are honored to have Conquer for our long-term partnership,” said the executive team at Signify N.V, the world’s leading lighting company.

Conquer’s fuse solutions for the automotive (EV) industry


Looking Ahead: Extension to Next-Gen Technologies

To perpetuate the safety for generations to come, Conquer continues to explore new approaches to achieve sustainability by reducing its carbon footprints internally as well as developing more environmental-friendly solutions for relevant industries externally. Between 2012 to 2020, the company’s annual inspection of its manufacturing process and energy use has achieved a 40% reduction in carbon emissions. With the rise in ESG awareness and the increasing demand in 5G, server storage, energy storage, and EV, Conquer is looking to help more businesses in automotive, telecommunication (5G), and energy storage system (ESS) sectors to reach both sustainable and business success. Furthermore, the company is eyeing on the expansion of various industry fields and more collaboration with design centers worldwide. With Conquer’s extensive industry experience, the company aims to enable its responsiveness to clients’ demands and market trends, while delivering innovative products to keep up with new technologies and applications.


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