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Conquer Fuse Application in BESS

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  • 29 Feb 2024




Battery Energy Storage System is a technology that stores electrical energy in batteries for later use. BESS helps balance electricity supply and demand, supports renewable energy integration, and enhances grid stability. The energy industry is divided into residential, commercial/industrial, and utility segments.





BESS architecture

Energy storage components are typically connected in one of two ways: through AC coupling or DC coupling. While solar panels and batteries produce and store DC electricity, users require AC electricity. This conversion process varies between the following two approaches, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.




BESS circuit schematic

The provided schematic is a general BESS power flow diagram for reference. Keep in mind that specific BESS requirements and designs can lead to variations in circuit diagrams and fuse placements.




BESS Conquer fuse solutions

As illustrated in the schematic above and in the BESS structure diagram below, several lithium-ion cells are combined to create a battery module. These battery modules are then arranged in a series to construct a standardized rack system. The number of racks used depends on the required energy storage capacity, and one or more racks can be stacked within a BESS container to meet these capacity demands.



Furthermore, the combiner box plays a critical role in aggregating electrical current from different strings of battery racks or modules into a single output. It may also include monitoring equipment to offer real-time data regarding its operational performance. On the other hand, the PCS (Power Conversion System) has multiple functions, primarily focusing on the conversion of DC electricity, stored in batteries, into AC electricity which can be supplied to the grid or various appliances as needed.




Fuses offer an efficient and cost-effective solution to safeguard BESS systems against overcurrent activities. The above application guide offers valuable insights into appropriately sizing fuses to ensure optimal circuit protection, preventing overcurrent situations, and ensuring continuous system operation.


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