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Stellar Growth in Electronics, Energy and IoT Applications, Powered By Innovative Fuse Solution Provider

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  • 15 May 2023

How Conquer helped one of the top manufacturers become a world leader in power supply with unparalleled electronic component protection.


  • Overview

In ICT and electronics manufacturing, overcurrent protection has been a top-of-mind issue due to the increasing industry standards of product performance and safety. Furthermore, the acceleration in IT and IoT implementations as well as the development of electronics, automotive and telecommunication sectors are stimulating the growth of circuit breaker and fuses market, which is expected to reach a value of USD 10.020 billion by 2025. According to the trend forecast from Global Trade Magazine, the rises of the EV industry and the escalating requirements for power efficiency on electronics modules are contributing to an increased demand for reliable overcurrent protection devices.


Conquer’s comprehensive fuse solution helped elevate a top power electronics manufacturer in becoming a global market leader in supplying high quality power supply devices. The client leveraged Conquer’s products and engineering capability to enhance its product performance and safety. Meanwhile, the strong partnership built over time allowed Conquer to be able to continuously provide high quality products that meet the clients’ standards, contributing to the overall success of its power supply division.


  • Challenges

Delta Electronics, Inc. (Delta) is a leader in power and thermal management solutions specializing in power electronics and automation products. The company was in search of a long-term strategic partner to help grow and scale its business. One of the key challenges that Delta confronted was the need for additional technical expertise in product designation to complement their existing RD team to provide timely product development support. Furthermore, additional key partnership requirement criteria included product quality, service flexibility, and constant innovation, which are all services Conquer can offer.


  • Solutions

As the leader in the global fuse market, Conquer has gained a reputation for its market-leading innovation, superior product quality, and excellent customer service. Featuring a wide assortment of electrical characteristics and functionalities, Conquer’s broad portfolio is designed to offer reliable overcurrent protection in sensitive circuitry for applications such as telecom infrastructure and energy storage systems.


Advanced product development

Conquer’s experienced RD and technical support team provides consistent industry leading innovative product designs. Focusing on high-tech innovations, Conquer has obtained a number of patents and continues to maintain its safety approvals at the highest level. With its extensive experience and engineering capabilities, Conquer is able to provide a broad product portfolio for R&D design selection that can meet various demands from Delta as well as from customers worldwide.


Exceptional quality control

Conquer is committed to offering reliable product quality to help its customer achieve the best performance of end products. All of Conquer’s products are produced in-house, with over 98% of products manufactured by automatic facilities. Moreover, Conquer conducts full on-site inspection throughout the entire production process, enabling the company to deliver exceptional product quality.


Comprehensive services

With over 45 years of fuse design and manufacturing experience, Conquer not only offers a wide range of high quality fuse products, but also provides a full range of support for the ordering and after sales services. For the Delta partnership, Conquer assigns a dedicated customer account sales team to provide prompt service response as well as a HUB warehouse service to facilitate the production efficiency. By having collaborated with many global industry leaders, Conquer has developed a comprehensive service line up to support a client’s growth year by year. Compared to the European and US competitors, Conquer stays competitive at a reasonable price without sacrificing the quality.


  • Results

Conquer has become one of the key suppliers of Delta’s power supply business unit. One of the most remarkable records is that the shipping quantity reached the highest of 24% in 2011.


The team has successfully collaborated with Delta on several power supply projects, and will continue to seek opportunities to develop more projects for applications in EV charging, and energy storage systems. When Delta was looking for a solution for its MST series notebook adapters that required breaking capacity with 100 In fuse rated current to prevent inrush current, Conquer helped redesign the product construction and refine the production processes, while investing heavily in auto-machine modification in order to meet the quality benchmarks.

In addition, Conquer helped enhance Delta’s server circuit protection. The solution needed to meet the specifications of the appointed breakers to make sure the fuse is open before the breaker is tripped to maximize the circuit’s safety. To achieve that objective, Conquer assigned an experienced project specialist to help Delta prepare new custom product designs. By quickly investigating the specifications of the unknown breakers, Conquer was able to match the breaker trip curve with fuse open time, and customized the fuse construction with its unique fuse element design and successfully obtained safety certificates from international safety agencies.


“The partnership with Conquer has lasted for decades. Conquer is undoubtedly an innovation-driven company dedicated to fulfilling our requests. Together we have had many successful projects, like the server power systems, telecom power systems, and charging stations. What’s more, it’s not only about the technology, but also about the responsive service, flexibility and stable quality. Conquer always provides timely support in accordance with the market dynamics, which really helps us to achieve more business success in the competitive market. It is our pleasure to have more collaboration with Conquer in the future.”


Conquer’s successful partnership with Delta highlights the value adds Conquer brings to the table, including product portfolio, in-house R&D capabilities, strong quality control system, flexible services, and multi-language accounts management. Furthermore, both parties also engage in extensive collaborative efforts, such as product roadmaps alliance, technical workshops and seminars focused on the power industry. Conquer aims to help meet the increased demand for reliable overcurrent protection devices in the industry by achieving a win-win situation through strategic partnerships and joint collaboration opportunities while providing the most comprehensive fuse solution to customers worldwide. Visit to learn more about Conquer’s latest products and applications.


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