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Fuse Application Field - PDU

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  • 27 Oct 2022

Power distributor unit designed for EV, known as "electric vehicle high voltage power distribution box", "Electric vehicle power unit" and "Electric vehicle safety box", is an important part in EV.

It supports function converting and power distribution to every systematic unit.

Such as motor control unit, battery management system, charging system, DC to DC system, air condition system, electric steering auxiliary system and brake system.

PDU can also provide short circuit protection, current leaking protection and IP protection.



The PDU is a high-voltage Power Distribution Unit, part of the system solution of Electric Vehicles. It provides charging and discharging control, high-voltage component power-on control, circuit overload, short-circuit protection, high-voltage sampling, low-voltage control and other functions for Electric Vehicle high-voltage systems.


PDUs, also known as junction boxes or fuse boxes, connect the main battery power to the rest of the vehicle, similar to how a home service panel connects the main power source to each of the branch circuits in the house. While distributing power through the vehicle, the PDUs deliver a safety function by providing circuit protection.




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