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Fuse Application in Solar Energy Generation

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  • 09 Jan 2023


Powerful Circuits Need Powerful Protection

Since the rise of global solar charging system equipment, the demands for photovoltaic combiner boxes, photovoltaic inverters, power converters, AC distribution boxes, and UPS uninterruptible power systems have increased. Circuit protection components are key components of solar charging systems to meet the needs of photovoltaic arrays. Break protection, quickly isolating the damaged module, and avoiding any failure of the charging system caused by short-circuit current.



How do photovoltaic (PV) systems work?

A solar system is composed of several individual components,  photovoltaic (PV) panels, a charging controller, an inverter, and storage batteries. The feature of the module for this system permits for expansion easily , low maintenance, and repair or replacement of system components easily.



Photovoltaic (PV) Systems

The photovoltaic cells utilize the power of sunlight to convert photons to clean DC (Direct Current) electricity.

K6F/KSF fuse protects the PV source circuit. When one of the PV source circuit faults, all the other PV circuits will feedback into the faulted PV circuit. K6F/KSF fuse in the faulted circuit will be opened before the other K6F/KSF fuses melt. Therefore, the other PV circuits can operate normally.



Features of PV Fuse

1. To protect the components and isolate the damaged modules

    Full-range PV fuse (gPV) can protect the overload current and short circuit current


2. Breaking capacity for PV fuse

    Minimum current of breaking capacity is 10kA for UL & IEC standard


3. High reliability (UL & IEC standard)

  Ÿ  Current cycling 3000cycle

  Ÿ  Thermal shock test: -40˚C~+90˚C, 50cycles

  Ÿ  Humidity conditioning test: (UL only) 25˚C, 90-100% humidity, 5 days

  Ÿ  Functional test at temperature extremes 50˚C


4. Wide range for application voltage

    Since the voltage of the solar power varies with the intensity of the sunlight, the

    fuse needs to operate well within the maximum DC input voltage range.。



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